Best 5 Snorkeling Sets



Best 5 Snorkel Sets

Snorkeling is one of my favorite things to do when I am at the beach. I’ve been snorkeling in many different places and have used a lot of different equipment. I love snorkeling because just about anyone can do it! Just strap on a mask, snorkel, and some fins just to make it a little easier and you can begin exploring the sea. I have researched and tried many different snorkeling sets and would like to share my absolute best, top 5 snorkel sets. 


Snorkeling sets are great because you can usually get them for cheaper than buying each individual piece of snorkel equipment. Having the right gear can make or break your snorkeling trip however. These 5 Snorkeling sets are the ones I always recommend to people interested in getting started snorkeling because they take all the guess work out of it, the snorkel sets have everything you need to get you started. I’ll provide links to all of the products so you can find them super easily and hope that you enjoy being able to snorkel!

1) Phantom Aquatic Speed Sport Snorkel Set

Price: $$


The Phantom Aquatic Speed Sport Snorkel Set is my Number 1 Choice for snorkel sets.

Its features include:

  • Low Internal Volume Skirt
  • Two Windowed Tempered Glass
  • Semi Dry Top Valve Snorkel
  • Open Heel Fins
  • Wide Variety of Colors

This snorkel set is just a level higher than “budget” snorkel sets while staying in about the same price range. And it comes in a wide variety of colors so the whole family can have their own! The low internal volume silicone skirt on the mask provides a great seal to keep the water out. The snorkel comes with a splash guard which means water will still get into it when diving but it’s not the end of the world. Just blow hard out of your mouth into the snorkel when you surface and the water will shoot out the top. The fins are probably the best thing about this set. They area great quality and will last a very good while. I highly recommend using the Phantom Aquatic Speed Snorkel Set.


2) Cressi Palau Snorkel Set 

Price( $$$)


The Cressi Palau Snorkel Set is a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for with this set. Its Features include:

  • 100% Dry Top Snorkel
  • Glass Windowed Mask
  • Silicone Skirt
  • Open Heeled Fins with Adjustable Strap

The best part about this set is probably the snorkel. It has a great ergonomic design and really keeps water out of your snorkel. The mask is made with two tempered glass lenses and a 100% silicone skirt. The mask has gotten great reviews and most people say they experience some fogging which is easily fixed with some anti-fog wipes. The fins are also great quality and offer long lasting durability. This set has gotten very many positive reviews and is known for its great quality. 


3)  Seavenger Diving Snorkel Set 

          Price: $


  This Seavenger Diving Snorkel Set provides the best bang for your buck. It comes with :

  • A Dry Top Snorkel (something I highly Recommend)
  • 2 Windows Tempered Glass Goggles
  • Open Heel Fins

This is a great set for beginners. It’s very affordable and comes with everything you need to enjoy your time snorkeling. The main thing I love about this set is the dry top snorkel. Dry top just means that the top of it becomes sealed when you dive underwater. This is a life saver especially when the waves begin to pick up a little bit. Snorkels without a dry top will have you sucking in water. Even if you’re an advanced snorkeler, this set is great for a backup or to let your friends use if they forget their sets.

4) Mares Full Face Snorkel Mask Set

Price: $$$


This is probably the future of snorkeling in a way. They’ve merged the mask and snorkel into one piece which is pretty cool, one less thing to worry about. Once I saw this I had to try it out. Its features include:

  • Flawless Full Face Design
  • Great Quality Gear
  • Ability to breathe with your nose AND mouth!
  • Mesh Carry Bag and Dry Bag

This is a pretty awesome set here in a new design. As soon as I saw this set, I knew I wanted to try it out and I was not disappointed. The full face mask design is great. It provides you with a much larger viewing area than traditional masks and my favorite part is that it allows you to breathe just as if you were on dry land. The snorkel stays out of the way for obvious reasons. And the Fins in this set are also really great as well. They’re lightweight, and allows you to move through the water very easily. It is the most expensive set on the list, which is why it is ranked #4, but this is the best full face snorkel set out there!


5) Promate Snorkeling Set

 Price: $$


The Promate Snorkeling Set is a great set for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. It features:

  • A Dry Top Snorkel
  • Panoramic View Lenses
  • Open Heeled Fins with Drag Reducing Vents
  • Patented Upper Valve on the Snorkel

The mask is what I love most about this set. It provides the user with a panoramic view of the ocean with its wide lenses. The mask fits well to your face and does not have a lot of leaking complaints. The snorkel has a patented design for its dry top valve which has been known to work really well even while being seemingly simple. The snorkel itself seems to be a little skinny but I haven’t read of any reports of it restricting the users breathing. All in all this is a great snorkeling set, especially for the price. It’s very affordable and for the quality you can’t miss it.


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