Best Beach Cooler: The Guide to the Ultimate Beach Day


Hey guys, this is the first post for our new page on The Guide to the Ultimate Beach Day. I’d figure we would start on one of the more essential items for an Ultimate Beach Day, a cooler. Don’t think having a good quality cooler is that important, huh? Well think of it this way, one day you’re out at the beach with some friends, the sun is out, it’s hot and you’re getting that tan you’ve been thinking of.

One of your friends decides to fire up the grill and start cooking some hot dogs and hamburgers, so you decide to head out into the water to cool off before lunch is ready. You get back, load up your hot dog or hamburger with everything you want, reach into your cooler and pull out, a lukewarm drink.

And then you think, man, if I would have just listened to that article I read on Daze At The Beach. But don’t worry! I saved you the trouble of going through all that.

It’s time for a new cooler, we have researched and reviewed a few different coolers online to make things a little easier for you. These are the BEST Beach Coolers online right now. We’ll also have the links so you can order yours today!

Best Beach Coolers: Your Top Choices

Yeti Hopper: The Best Beach Cooler Bag

If you’ve already been searching for a cooler, odds are you’ve heard of Yeti Coolers. They have the name and brand, and they really do have good quality coolers. However, most people think of the hard, blocky coolers that they started with.

Lucky for you beach bums, Yeti considered the beach goer when they created the Yeti Hopper.  This is the absolute best Beach Cooler Bag.

Why you might ask?

Yeti is known for being durable, and the hopper is no exception. Apart from keeping ice frozen and keeping the contents inside just as cold, this things is built with material that is puncture resistant, waterproof, and mildew resistant. It is also very easy to carry and comes in a variety of sizes. They have capacities ranging from 12, 20, 30, and 40 quarts so you can find one that suits your needs.

People have even reported being able to keep fresh food in these coolers for 3 to 4 days without any access to ice or refrigeration! So if you decide to stay on the beach for a couple days, or maybe just decide its a better choice than driving because what used to be in your cooler has made you a little impaired, this cooler will keep your contents fresh.

Check out the Yeti Hopper on Amazon Here!

Igloo MaxCold Cool Fusion: The Best Rolling Beach Cooler

If you’re someone who can’t decide getting a hard cooler or a soft cooler, the Igloo MaxCold Cool Fusion cooler might be the one for you. It’s a hybrid of sorts, fusing the best benefits of both hard and soft coolers into one. This is why it’s on the Best Beach Coolers.

The MaxCold cooler uses closed cell foam insulation to really keep the contents inside it ice cold. The wheels and handle are very durable making it very easy to transport it to and from your car. And at 36 quarts, this cooler is the perfect size for yourself or your entire family!

One user reported being able to use the MaxCold Cool Fusion cooler for Three years until he needed to purchase another MaxCold Cool Fusion Cooler. He reported being able to use the cooler on his river trips, using the side pockets to store his extra sunscreen or other products he had brought along with him. He also reported that the wheels and telescoping handle are very durable.

Check out More Reviews and This cooler on Amazon Here!


Orca Coolers: Best Hard Beach Cooler

We thought it would unfair to put Yeti into our choices for Best Beach Cooler and not include Orca’s line of hard beach coolers. Orca and Yeti go to head to head when it comes to coolers, and for good reason. They both produce great coolers that can hold ice for up to 10 days! However, we tend to put Orca at the top of the two because Orca usually keeps their prices a little lower than Yeti does.

Some people might prefer Orca because of the lower price, or maybe because every one of their coolers are Made right here in America, or maybe it’s because they offer a larger variety of colors to choose from (Check some of those colors out here). The Orca 20 or 26 quart coolers are great for yourself or a few people. They’re known for being super durable and have great ice retention. And if you don’t believe us about their durability, just watch the video below of a bear trying to get an ice cold beer out of one of these things. Impossible

Anyways, Check out This cooler on Amazon Here!


eBags Crew Cooler II: Best Beach Cooler for Daily Use

Maybe you think these other coolers are great, but you just want something different, maybe something a little more fashionable yet durable, something you can take to the office with you on Friday for lunch and then straight to the beach Saturday morning. That’s when the eBags Crew Cooler enters our choices for Best Beach Cooler.

This cooler has a distinct and fashionable look and comes in a variety of colors such as gray, black, blue, green, eggplant, turquoise, and red as seen to the right. (check out these colors here) It also has many different compartments to store plasticware, napkins, sunscreen, or anything else you might need on your typical beach day. It has plenty of room for just about anything!

In fact, one user wrote a review stating they used the eBags Crew Cooler put 2 tupperware containers in it, a protein shake, some fruit, and some ice to top it off. So if you need the perfect size cooler for yourself and maybe one other person, the eBags Crew Cooler is your cooler.

Check it out on Amazon Here!


Final Thoughts

We provided you with a very diverse selection of coolers, each one having their perks. One might fit you perfectly, and the same one might not work for you. I would ask yourself a couple different questions before you decide, something like:

What would you use your cooler for?

Would you be using it just for yourself and maybe one other person? You might not need a huge cooler to fit your needs.

How long would you use the cooler?

Different coolers hold ice for different periods of time under different conditions. The hard shelled Orca coolers might be your best bet if you need to keep ice for a little more than half a week, but if you only need it for a few days, I would say you should go with the Yeti Hopper.

How much would you want to spend?

A couple of the coolers we featured cost under $100 which might sound ideal to you. However, if you want a little better durability and longer ice retention, the Orca Coolers and Yeti Hopper would be the way to go.


Which ever way you go, I think you will be pleased with any of the coolers I have presented you. They have all been tested and are great Beach Coolers! So check them out and let me know what you think!

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