Closest Beaches to Orlando

Visiting Orlando? Want to go to the beach and get away from all the tourist traps? The beach is the best way to do that. Just picture yourself relaxing on the beach, watching the waves crash in, and getting that tan you've always wanted. These are the best and closest beaches to Orlando, Fl, check them out here in my Closest Beaches to Orlando post!

Best Snorkeling in Florida

Thinking about taking that beach trip you've been talking about? Want to do a little more than just lay on the beach and wonder what's out there? Then you might want to try out snorkeling! Even if you've done it before, these beaches might be some you haven't heard of or checked out yet. These are the best snorkeling beaches in Florida! Check it out here!

Top 10 of the World's Most Gorgeous Beaches

These are 10 of the World's Most Gorgeous Beaches. Thinking of getting away for winter break? I would highly recommend looking through this list and picking one of these destinations. They are beautiful, unique, and of course relaxing. These beaches are from all over the world, so you have plenty of choices. Now its up to you! Check It out Here!